Graphic Design graduate from London.
Looking for work, contact me for any collaborations or freelance work... I also make great tea.

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~ Thursday, September 5 ~

LBD: Welcome Booklet.

While I was interning at LBD, I was asked to create a welcome booklet about the studio to be given to future interns. Its all very purple but its a nice colour and the company colour! I wanted it to look fun and welcoming so i used playful typography with an illustrative style.

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~ Tuesday, November 6 ~

Cedarlia Christmas Flyer

A brief intern/piece of freelance work I did for a boutique.

I’m still trying to find somewhere to get it properly printed, if anyone can recommend a good value printers that will do this type of thing…drop me an e-mail!

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~ Wednesday, February 15 ~

Third set of spreads for D&AD

Tags: typography graphic design D&AD book arts

Second set of spreads for D&AD

Tags: graphic design typography D&AD book arts

Handed in my D&AD project this morning! So these are the first set of spreads that are in booklet. I havent taken pictures of the actual made book yet, cos I don’t have the studio booked til next week but all the same, these are the spreads!

Tags: graphic design typography D&AD book arts